Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Getting ubuntu 7.04 on Laptop to auto-detect USB Flash drive

This had been bugging me for quite some time now and tried a ton of stuff. Finally found the solution in the description of usbmount in the synaptic package - Just install pmount and hal packages. You might need to reboot for this to take effect - after this it works like a charm.

It was working fine in all desktops (Ubuntu 7.04) in our organisation but was bothering me on my laptop and now that is solved too.

Laptop - Compaq Presario V6120US

I have all the following configured on my laptop:
1. nvidia graphics drivers with 3D Effects
2. Full multimedia
3. Audio input/output
4. Skype, pidgin, webcam
5. Wifi
6. USB drive
7. Flash

In short I have a Ubuntu laptop with full hardware and software functionality.
I have loaded 32 bit Ubuntu on my 64 bit laptop - 64 bit Ubuntu seems to have problems with Wifi. And that seems to be the *only* problem.
Full details at a later date but flash was the only one which bothered me and hence this post for other users. Rest of the installations/configurations are easy or handled out of the box(Including synaptic repositories) except webcam and wifi which need a bit of tweaking.

I am starting to understand now why Ubuntu is really all that great. I have been using Redhat/Fedora since 1998 and briefly dabbled with Suse 10.2 but this is the first time I have felt that Linux has a fighting chance on the desktop.

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